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John Snape

Factions Currently Playing : Skorne, Trolls, & Khador

Also Own but not Playing : Merc’s / Pirates

I’ve been playing table top games since 1990, and previous to that, anything I could really, from D&D to Card and Computer Games.

In 2006 I took a year of from playing 40k & WHFB, partly because I was bored with these games, but also the World of Warcraft bug had bit me bad.

I returned to the Tanelorn War Games Club in 2007, where I failed to get back into WHFB.

However I saw some people playing Hordes and decided to give it a go for a change. I realised it was one of the best table top games I’ve ever played, so started to nag at every player at the club to pick up a box set and join in the fun. Back then we had 6 players, but over the past years it’s grown to over 12 players in 2009.

In 2009 I now own 3 main armies, Trolls, Skorne, and Khador, but over the years I’ve owned all the Horde’s factions at some point.

Jon Webb

Factions Currently Playing : Cryx

Also Own but not Playing : Seaforge  /Skorne / Trolls (Box Sets Only)

Conrad Gonsalves

Factions Currently Playing : Circle / Cygnar

Also Own but not Playing :   –

Phil Manwaring

Factions Currently Playing :  Trolls

Also Own but not Playing :   Searforge

Anne Manwaring

Factions Currently Playing :  Legion / Retribtion

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