Episode 116 – Pick N Mix

by John Snape on November 25th, 2012
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Sections 1

Recorded in three separate sections, Section 1 hosted by John Dale, Andrew Galea, Chris Wood and Conrad EJ Gonsalves. We talk about The London SteamRoller Series 2012 heats and finals as well as the UK SteamRoller series in general. A quick touch on the subject of drop outs at events and then on to the main topic of Colossals/Gargantuans and their effect on the game.

Section 2

Hobby Section recorded with Conrad and Mat Hart. Mat talks about his Smogcon 2013 diorama. We touch on Rust Effects from Modelmates. Finally we look at the MDP charge lane markers. We also talk about The Weathering Magazine which you can find more details at http://www.ak-interactive.com/ecomm/?acc=Catalog&IDCat=776&idc=1

Section 3

Musings between John Snape and Conrad about the “old days” (not before the war ofc!) – WARNING there is NO John Snape ranting in this section!

Thanks to our sponsors KR Multicase and FireStorm Games.

Please DO take advantage of the special VOUCHER CODE in the episode kindly offered up by FireStorm Games for an additional 5% discount. This offer is open to the 7th December.


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We hope you enjoy the show.


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